Power and Convergence
The power and success of any social movement depend on the passion and courage of individuals. We see movement power expand as individuals engage with others to elevate converging truths, reveal a shared vision, and take bold action together.
About the Individual Campaign
The Divest Invest Initiative’s campaign to engage individuals across the economic spectrum in the global fossil fuel divestment and sustainable investment movements is succeeding and expanding through the support of many passionate and courageous movement leaders and in collaboration with a dynamic Divest Invest Network.
Divest Invest is not an investment organization, nor should any information offered here be understood as investment advice; each individual, group, institution, or other entity making investment decisions should consult with trusted investment advisors and/or financial consultants before making any investment decisions.
Management Council
Lisa Renstrom, Campaign Co-Founder and Council Chair
John Cavanagh, Director, Institute for Policy Studies
Leslie Samuelrich, President, Green Century Capital Management
Vanessa Green, Campaign Director (Ex-Officio)
Pledge Drivers
We thank the following organizations and groups driving personalized outreach and engagement of individuals as investors, foundation trustees and board members, family office members, employers and employees, and more.

3Sisters Sustainable Management
American Sustainable Business Council
Arabella Advisors
As You Sow
Blessed Tomorrow
Clean Yield
Coming Together
Confluence Philanthropy
Daily Kos
Elders Climate Action
Environmental Action
Equal Exchange
Etho Capital
Fenton Communications
First Here, Then Everywhere
Fossil Free Funds
Green America
Green Century Capital Management
Green Faith

Green Retirement, Inc.
Institute for Policy Studies
Interfaith Power & Light
Mayors Innovation Project
Nia Global Solutions
Rachel’s Network
Resilience Collaborative
RBC SRI Wealth Management
Social Venture Network
The Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado
The Democracy Alliance
Threshold Foundation
Trillium Asset Management
Voices for Progress
Veris Wealth Partners
Waterkeeper Alliance
Wealth for the Common Good
Women’s Donors Network

Allied Organizations and Groups
We thank the following organizations and groups supporting and championing the Individual Campaign in other ways.

Aperio Group
As You Sow
Black Mesa Water Coalition
Boston Common Asset Management
California Student Sustainability Coalition
Carbon Tracker Initiative
Croatan Institute
Divest Harvard
Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network
Energy Action Coalition
Fossil Free Indexes

Fund for Democratic Communities
Health Care Without Harm
Hip Hop CaucusIntentional Endowments Coalition
Imprint Capital
New Economy Coalition
Our Power Campaign
Responsible Endowments Coalition
SEIU Capital Stewardship Program
Sierra Student Coalition
Wallace Global Fund

Advisory Committee
We thank the following individuals for supporting our ability to keep this campaign responsive to evolving global climate movement needs.
May Boeve, Executive Director 350.org
Jodie Evans, Co-Founder Code Pink
Matt Patsky, CEO Trillium Asset Management
Bruce Boyd, Principal and Senior Managing Director Arabella Advisors
Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman (R-RI)
Danny Kennedy, Managing Director CalCEF
Michael Kleeman, Senior Fellow University of California San Diego
Fiscal Sponsorship
The Center for Public Interest Research is the fiscal sponsor for Divest Invest Individual. The Center for Public Interest Research (CFPIR) is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the campaign are possible through CFPIR and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.