A Fossil Fuel-Free Invest Brief

You made a commitment to get your investments out of the top 200 coal, oil and gas companies. Now what?

It’s no secret that we cannot immediately cease using fossil fuels in our lives, nor does every company in your retirement or investment portfolio work to create a sustainable world. You are nevertheless part of the solution, on a practical and prudent course putting your money behind better — and demanding more – options.

To quote the inimitable writer David Roberts, you are “taking assumptions, institutions, and technologies that have a presumptive social warrant — that are assumed necessary, legitimate, and worthwhile by default — and…problematizing them.” Indeed, you are “steadily raising the bar, changing a defeasible presumption of innocence to a defeasible presumption of guilt.”

At a time when many do little more than wait and watch what government officials do, you address the root problem, modeling solution-oriented action commensurate with the climate change problem.

Click here for a snapshot of Fossil Fuel-Free Investment ideas.

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The perfect need not stand in the way of the good, nor should various fossil free investing definitions and options overwhelm you.

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By: Divest Invest Invidividual
Date: May 27, 2016

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