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National Trust, Royal Society of Arts, and Royal College of Emergency Medicine divest

4 July 2019

Three presigious UK charities and Royal Societies’ divested during London’s first Climate Action Week.

Peter Vermeulen, the National Trust’s Chief Financial Officer said: “Many organisations have been working hard to persuade fossil fuel companies to invest in green alternatives. These companies have made insufficient progress and now we have decided to divest from fossil fuel companies…We would not expect this divestment to have a negative effect on financial returns and we know that our members and supporters are eager for us to play our part in tackling climate change through everything we do.”


Health risk: Royal College of General Practitioners to halt fossil fuel investments

01 August 2018 – Business Green

Royal College of General Practitioners confirms it is to halt investment in fossil fuels in response to climate risks that ‘threaten to destabilise our National Health Service’. The group…represents more than 52,000 members and is the largest Medical Royal College in the UK.

Ireland commits to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies

12 July 2018 – Reuters

Ireland committed to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies on Thursday after parliament passed a bill forcing the 8.9 billion euro ($10.4 billion) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) to withdraw money invested in oil, gas and coal.

Church of England Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuels

11 July 2018 – Chief Investment Officer

Oil, gas companies have until 2023 to comply with Paris Agreement goals before the church will pull all holdings. The Church of England has voted to dump £12 billion in holdings of fossil fuel companies if they are not tackling global warming quickly enough…

Fossil Fuels to be history for UC investment office

2 April 2018 – Pensions & Investments

At the University of California, fossil fuel investments are going to be, well, fossils. Chief Investment Officer Jagdeep Singh Bachher, speaking at the March 13 investment subcommittee meeting in Los Angeles, said that in the long term, the $66.6 billion pension fund and $11.5 billion endowment are going to move out of fossil fuel investments….

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, calls for boroughs to ditch fossil fuel investment

26 March 2018 – Press Release

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is today calling on local authorities from across the capital to join him in fighting climate change by divesting their pension funds from fossil fuel companies….

University of Bristol announces sector-leading fossil free divestment target

21 March 2018 – Press Release

The University of Bristol has pledged to divest completely from all investments in fossil fuel companies within two years.

Durham University to sell shares in fossil fuel firms

15 March 2018 – BBC News

Durham University is to sell shares it holds in fossil fuel companies after a review concluded the policy was no longer compatible with its green image.

Edinburgh University divests from all fossil fuels

6 February 2018 – Guardian

The University of Edinburgh is dumping all its fossil fuel investments, making it the largest UK university endowment fund to be completely free of all coal, oil and gas holdings.