DivestInvest: State of the Movement – GCAS Affiliate Event
DivestInvest State of the Movement

How the Moral Call to Divest Became a Matter of Fiduciary Duty

Featuring Jeremy Grantham, Bill McKibben, DJ Spooky & Other Special Guests

10 September 2018, 3PM – 7PM

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Since its humble beginnings on the Swarthmore College campus in 2011, fossil fuel divestment has exploded into a global social movement that oil companies now flag as a material risk to their business in annual reports and securities filings. The movement is shifting investor attitudes, and capital, by calling out the ethical and financial risks of remaining invested in fossil fuels while promoting the growth opportunities in a just and sustainable future. In just four years, the movement has witnessed exponential growth in the assets committed to divestment, from $50 billion in 2014 to more than $6 trillion today.

Ethical pressure from students, faith voices, doctors and mayors continues to weaken the social legitimacy of the fossil fuel industry by exposing a business model that will lock-in runaway climate change and devastate billions of lives if unchecked. At the same time, financial analysts are tracking the declining fundamentals of an industry that has turned from market leader to laggard: From stranded assets to market pressure from cheaper, cleaner alternatives, investors are on notice that they face mounting climate risk to their portfolios. The moral call to divest has become a matter of fiduciary duty.

Join us as we unveil the latest State of the Divestment Movement report by Arabella Advisors and hear from leaders representing iconic new divestment commitments from around the globe. Stay for a celebration of the movement featuring music from world-renowned artist DJ Spooky.