Philanthropy Need Not Sacrifice Value for Values

2019 marked the five-year anniversary of Divest Invest Philanthropy, providing a timely opportunity to take stock of the movement’s progress among foundations. Nearly 200 foundations from all over the world committed to moving their money from the past to the future. This report tracks their progress, showcases leading examples through case studies, and invites other foundations to come along. It also provides valuable insights into Divest Invest for other asset owners such as cities, universities and faith groups.

The results of the survey and case studies establish that philanthropy need not sacrifice value for values, and should embolden other foundations around the world to use all the tools at their disposal – investments and grantmaking alike – to respond to the urgent challenge of climate change. The report concludes with guidance on how other philanthropic organizations can join the movement to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions.